25 de March de 2020
ESG: as três palavras mágicas que estão dominando o mercado de investimentos

ESG: the three magic words that are dominating the investment market

Environmental, social and governance criteria or ESG – an acronym in English that has become internationally known – are being increasingly associated by investment managers and […]
21 de February de 2020

REDD+ projects in Brazil

Guidelines guarantee greater safety for buyers of forest offsets. Recent Brazilian government decisions offer more guarantees to companies that choose to neutralize their greenhouse gases emissions […]
5 de July de 2019

Way Beyond Climate: Biodiversity And Forestry Community Development on Lojas RENNER’S Sight

In 2017, the retail chain Lojas Renner, being one of the largest in Brazil, neutralized 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions from the previous year. This […]
16 de January de 2019

New Solutions for Environmental Regularization

Year 2019 has brought new perspectives for rural estate environmental regularization. A number of measures were announced in late 2018 by the States and the Union […]
20 de August de 2018

The value of carbon reaching out the client

Ipiranga offsets its direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases (GEE) generated by its operations¹. The company’s journey to combat global warming began in 2007 when […]
20 de August de 2017

RESEX Rio Preto Jacundá REDD+ Project – A collective construction to conciliate environmental conservation and the materialization of the dreams of forest communities

The Rio Preto Jacundá Extractive Reserve, located northeast of the state of Rondônia, is home to 130 traditional residents, whose livelihood is based on extractive activities […]
19 de July de 2017

Jari REDD+ Projects overlap the RENCA area and generate resources through standing forest conservation

Biofílica, in partnership with the Jari Group, develops two forest carbon projects in the areas of the group located in the cities of Laranjal do Jari, […]
28 de June de 2017

Resex Rio Preto Jacundá REDD+ Project Report of a local extractive community member

Protected areas have emerged as a solution to several environmental problems. Its origins are in the communities of rubber tappers who, during the 70s and 80s, […]
6 de April de 2017

Manoa REDD+ Project focuses efforts to foster its exceptional benefits to biodiversity

Located in the municipality of Cujubim in Rondônia, the Manoa REDD+ Project has an area of approximately 74,000 hectares of native forest, creating an important forest […]