Biofílica Ambipar
Four times elected the best developer of forest carbon projects in the world, in 2022 elected in the category "Best Individual Offsetting Project" with the Corridors of Life ARR Project by Environmental Finance.

Founded in 2008, the purpose of Biofílica Ambipar Environment is to be the best Nature Based Solutions (NBS) company in the world.

We generate value for the environmental asset market, fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity and promoting social well-being
and development. We develop projects that promote the reduction of emissions through forest conservation and the sequestration of emissions through reforestation.

We believe in Nature Based Solutions as fundamental mechanisms for humanity to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and overcome the climate crisis. By 2030, somewhere between 35% and 50%* of emissions reductions should come solely and exclusively from
Nature Based Solutions. 

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We are a Brazilian company focused on the native forest conservation through the commercialization of environmental services.

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