RESEX Jacundá
REDD+ Project

We invite you to read the main Climate, Community and Biodiversity activities developed during 2021. This content is exclusive to the Project’s supporters and clients.  

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Activities Performed

1st Quarter

New board of ASMOREX

The beginning of 2021 was marked by the election of the new board of directors of the Association of Residents of the Rio Preto-Jacundá Extractive Reserve (ASMOREX), in an ordinary assembly, the current management is led by Ms. Denise Viana Borges, 25 years old.

2nd and 3rd Quarter

Public consultation in person

The public consultation of the project took place in person during three days, divided between a meeting with the State Government (through the Conservation Units Coordination - CUC, integrated in the State Secretariat of Environmental Development - SEDAM) on the first day, a general alignment between the proponents on the second day, and the General Assembly, which was attended by community members, the Rioterra representative, representatives of SEDAM and the Audit Court of Rondônia on the third day. All these actions focused on the presentation of the main results and impacts of the project during the monitored period within the three main scopes: climate, community, and biodiversity, and on the alignment of future strategies for the project in these axes in the future.

Foreseen activities

Project Communication: Biofílica marketing, with the support of the operational team, will start the development of a communication strategy for the REDD+ project, which should be aligned with Rioterra, to have an unified communication of the project.

Project management: Biofílica intends to replicate in the Jacundá project the monitoring and management model initially designed in 2020, with the respective necessary tools, making the proper adaptation to the reality of the RESEX Rio Preto Jacundá REDD+ Project.

Financial Mechanism: It was established that, before the instrument is formalized, a primer and training will be prepared to explain and apply processes to improve the project's financial management practices for training interested community members.


Activities Performed

1st Quarter

Planning of the VCS/CCB verification audit

The 1st quarter began with planning very focused on the VCS/CCB verification audit that took place in the second half of 2021. A tool for gathering and organizing evidence was developed and presented, approved by ASMOREX and Rioterra. In addition, the proposal signed by ASMOREX to contract the audit service of the company Earthood was delivered.

2nd Quarter

Gathering information for MR

The Biofílica team, with support from Denise, Pinheiro (representing ASMOREX) and Telva, gathered information and evidence of the activities developed in the Project in the period from October 2015 to August 2020 (period to be audited), as well as started the development of the Monitoring Report.

3rd Quarter

VCS/CCB verification audit

The field audit was conducted in the last half of September, prior to this step, the proponents requested Verra to extend the verification deadline so that the project would not be hampered because of delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that it accepts.

4th Quarter

Intensification of asset monitoring and surveillance activities

In 2020, the project, through the proponents and partner, made a great approach with the CUC/SEDAM management and the Rondônia State Court of Accounts. These approaches were crucial mainly to intensify the surveillance operations and rounds in the RESEX in the year, which has been heavily pressured by the entry of invaders.

Foreseen activities

The project plans to define, together with SEDAM, a model of Financial Cooperation to assist the agency in carrying out more effective operations to combat deforestation.
Additionally, the project intends to design strategies for the mitigation and prevention of deforestation within the area, along with the information from PLANET and PRODES data generated frequently, in order to support surveillance actions in the field.

Community & Biodiversity

Activities Performed

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quarter

Biodiversity Monitoring

The results of the biodiversity monitoring were formalized and approved in early 2021, but the presentation of the results to the community has not yet occurred because of the pandemic. Even with the high risk of deforestation in the area, when comparing the results obtained for mammals and birds in the biodiversity monitoring for the year 2020 with other studies in the state and even with studies conducted in the RESEX, it is noted that the area is still very well preserved, and that the traditional ways of life of the communities help maintain the quality of this area.

4th Quarter

Capacity building agenda in the RESEX

In the second half of November, due to the improvement of COVID-19 in the region, the training agenda in the RESEX was resumed, involving the themes of: Climate Change and REDD+ Projects, Basic GPS Handling Course, Bio-jewelry Course, Botanical Identification Course and Workshop on Cancer Prevention. These agendas will continue throughout 2022 and will be addressed in the Work Plan prepared between the parties.

Foreseen activities

Presenting the feedback of the Productive Chain Diagnosis carried out by the Pacto das Águas [Water Pact], for the subsequent implementation of proposals raised in the Productive Chain diagnosis.

Continue monitoring biodiversity, collecting data in the following years, following the protocols defined to track whether there is any change in the biodiversity figures, involving and training the community members.


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