We work in partnerships for the conservation of more than 1 million hectares of native forest in the Amazon.

Our projects are developed alongside with communities and private Project owners to avoid invasions and illegal deforestation, promoting scientific research, monitoring biodiversity conservation and fostering local economy development based on timber and non-timber forest products.

Suzano Pulp and Paper chose to offset its emissions with Jari Amapá REDD+ Project, among other initiatives, due to its credibility and for being aligned with our strategy, values and principles. Biofilica presented to us a recognized project, effective on avoiding deforestation and audited by competent and compromised socioenvironmental institutions. Thus, we perceive and implement sustainable management alternatives in areas with great importance for biodiversity conservation and development of local communities.

Alexandre Di Ciero
Executive Manager of Sustainability at Suzano Paper and Pulp


We compensate the Legal Reserve deficit in rural properties with a portfolio of carefully selected areas.


Safe opportunities to receive for maintaining the legal reserve;

Support during negotiation of environmental compensation contracts;

Management of payments and terms agreed by the Parties;

Conduction of technical and working documents required by environmental agencies.


Safe opportunities for compliance;

Legal due diligence prior to closing transaction, ensuring the legal integrity of the area to be acquired or leased;

Conduction of technical and procedural steps required by the environmental agencies;

We knew our farm had great potential to commercialize Legal Reserve surplus and we chose to work with Biofílica because it’s trustworthy, with know-how and experience in the environmental business. We are very satisfied with our partnership and the assistance provided throughout the whole process.

Marcio Pinheiro
Legal Reserve Provider

The Sequoia Energy is a player on the wind energy sector in Brazil, and in order to comply with environmental rules we’re required to compensate Legal Reserve of our wind energy projects. After several market surveys Sequoia identified Biofílica as a benchmark on providing services related with environmental issues.

Thus, in 2014 we closed our first deal and the environmental license worked perfectly, then, again in 2016, we closed our second deal with Biofilica in order to attend other request from the environmental agency. We are very pleased and with no doubt, the partnership between Sequoia and Biofilica will last for many years.

Frederico Prado
Legal Reserve Claimer


We joined Santiago & Cintra Consultoria, a leading company on geoespacial technology, to register Brazilian rural properties into the official Rural Environmental Registry (known as CAR from the Portuguese “Cadastro Ambiental Rural”).


The Rural Environmental Registry (or CAR, from the Portuguese Cadastro Ambiental Rural) is a mandatory online registry central to legal compliance and sustainable planning of rural properties. The joint-venture between Biofilica and SCCON performed the registry of major cooperatives and companies within the agribusiness sector, collaborating with the enforcement of the Brazilian New Forest Code.

The Biofílica and SCCON partnership developed into Auditsat, a company specialized in monitoring and auditing of rural properties via remote sensing to support rural financing operations and the environmental management of supply chains. The solutions provide transparency, traceability, efficiency and reporting consistency, integrating financial, environmental and business data to promote sustainable practices and monitoring of these practices.

Learn more about our Rural Environmental Registry projects:


The partnership between Biofílica and SCCON resulted in a new company to remotely monitor rural properties: Auditsat. Auditsat is focused on monitoring and auditing rural credit guarantees and insurances, besides monitoring the environmental status of supply chains. We promote transparency, traceability and credibility to rural credit operations and management of supply chains.


Biofílica provides specialized consulting services on climate change, biodiversity, conservation and forest management.

Expertise in the intersection of these subjects has been built since 2008 with the development of conservation projects (REDD+), Rural Environmental Registry services and presence in the Legal Reserve Compensation market.

Our clients are government bodies, multilateral organizations, non-governmental organizations or companies.


Biofílica is a Brazilian company acting on the management and conservation of forest landscapes through the commercialization of environmental services and investments in both scientific research and the socio-economic development of communities living in those areas.

Aiming to contribute to the development of a solid and reliable environmental market, Biofílica invests in an innovative business model that promotes the reduction of deforestation, values standing forests and their environmental services, protects biodiversity and promotes reduction of carbon emissions. This model allows conservation to be economically attractive to forest owners, communities, governments and investors.