Plínio Ribeiro Executive Director

Plínio Ribeiro has a degree in Business Administration from INSPER and a Master's degree in Public Administration and Environment from Columbia University and the Earth Institute (USA). In addition to his position as Biofilica’s executive director, Plínio is also a co-founder member of Instituto Escolhas , member of the sustainability commitee of the Brazilian Rural Society (SRB) and member of the Board of Directors of Auditsat, a Biofilica investee. In the past, he has participated in several conservation projects on the lower Rio Negro, through the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ), and was one of the producers of Jean Michel Cousteau's documentary "Return to the Amazon".

Cláudio Pádua Scientific Director

Has a degree in both Business Administration and Biology, a Master's degree in Latin American Studies and a PhD in Ecology from the University of Florida in Gainesville (USA). A retired professor from the University of Brasilia, Pádua is currently the dean of the Escola Superior de Conservação e Sustentabilidade and the vice-president of the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ). He also serves as advisor to the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (FUNBIO) and WWF Brazil.

Paula Conde Financial and Administrative Analyst

Paula Conde has a degree in Business Administration from São Luís - PUC and post graduate degree in Accounting and Financial Managment from FAAP. She has large experience, most of it in one of the largest media and educational group in Latin America – Editora Abril, where she worked with Finance Control and Reporting, Treasury, Accounting and Financial Reconciliation, Accounts Payable & Receivable and Royalties. At Biofílica, she is responsible for administrative and financial activities, logistical support to the team and to projects.

Camila Al Zaher Project Coordinator

Camila holds a Master’s degree in Geography from UNESP - São Paulo State University in the research field of Dynamics of Nature with emphasis on soil science and Geographic Information System. She also holds a bachelor degree in Geography from UNESP - Ourinhos, where she developed research on agricultural and land issues. At Biofílica, she is responsible for coordinating the Legal Reserve compensation team.

Caio Gallego Project Coordinator

Forest Engineer graduated from ESALQ-USP. Specialist in geoprocessing and remote sensing aimed at environmental conservation area, mapping and analysis of changes in land use. Has knowledge facing the Sustainable Forest Management, environmental modeling and the use of alternative GIS for forestry and agribusiness. Has advanced knowledge in the use of GIS softwares and analysis of change on the land use and land cover as ArcGIS, QuantumGIS and DinâmicaEGO.

Luana Cordeiro Project Analyst

Luana Cordeiro is a Forestry Engineer graduated from USP – ESALQ and Technical in the Environment formed by the State Technical School of São Paulo. During the graduation was coordinator of the environmental suitability group of Campus Piracicaba in the planning, implementation and monitoring of restored areas, and coordinator of the social entrepreneurship group Enactus, developing social projects in Piracicaba (SP). Developed in her project a Model of Solid Waste Management Plan for Sawmills of Native Species, focusing on the sustainable production of the timber sector in the Amazon.

Paloma Moura Project Analyst

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences UNIFESP - Federal University of São Paulo. Acted in the environmental adaptation of rural properties through the registration in the Rural Environmental Registry, contemplating documentary and geospatial analysis and in the elaboration of reports of rural credit inspection by remote sensing, to comply with Resolution 4427 of the Central Bank of Brazil. In Biofílica acts as an Analyst of Legal Reserve Compensation Projects.

Laion Pazian Commercial agent

Bachelor in Economics at Superior Agricultural School “Luiz de Queiroz” (ESALQ – University of São Paulo), working in the commercial forest carbon credit area (REDD+), and in the analysis and intelligence of carbon markets. During his under graduation, he researched Ecology, assumed the legal and finances directorship of Forestry Junior Company at ESALQ and he researched international trade of sugar at Center for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics (CEPEA).

Fernanda dos Santos Rotta

Bachelor in Law from Mackenzie University with MBA in Sustainability Management from FGV-EAESP and specialization in Administrative Law from PUC/COGEAE. Fernanda studied at the universities of Siena (Italy) and Vermont (USA), in the fields of international environmental law, conservation and sustainability. At Biofílica, she has a strong presence in projects and cases focused on the implementation of the New Forest Code, REDD+ mechanisms and climate and forest policies. She has worked in highly reputed law firms (Mattos Filho Advogados and Nascimento e Mourão Advogados) in the areas of environmental law and real estate, and was a trainee at Instituto Socioambiental, in the environmental law area. Also participated in the compilation of projects and legislative analysis by Centro de Estudos em Sustentabilidade (GVces) on the theme Adaptation to Climate Change and by the International Finance Corporation - IFC on the subject of biodiversity and benefit sharing (ABS), among others.


Cláudio Pádua

Cláudio Pádua has a degree in both Business Administration and Biology, a Master's degree in Latin American Studies and a PhD in Ecology from the University of Florida in Gainsville (USA). A retired professor from the University of Brasilia, Pádua is currently the dean of the Escola Superior de Conservação e Sustentabilidade and the vice-president of the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ). He is also a Senior Associate Researcher at the Center for Environment and Conservation Studies at Columbia University (USA) and an International Conservation Director at the Wildlife Trust Alliance, as well as an advisor to the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (FUNBIO) and WWF Brazil. Pádua represents Brazil before the International Advisory Group (IAG) of the G7 Pilot Program. In 2003, together with his wife, Suzana Pádua, he was appointed by Time Magazine a "Hero of the Planet" for his activities on behalf of biodiversity conservation. Between 1997 and 2007, he won six conservation awards, and three national and three international ones. Pádua has published two books and over 30 papers in scientific journals, both national and international.

Guilherme Leal

Guilherme Leal is a Brazilian business and social entrepreneur, member of the Board of Directors and one of the founders of Natura Cosméticos, a Brazilian company globally recognized for its commitment to sustainability.

Leal has a degree in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo and is alumni of the Advanced Management Program at Fundação Dom Cabral/INSEAD. Over the past 25 years, he has also participated in the creation and promotion of various business and social organizations, such as Fundação Abrinq (Abrinq Foundation for Children’s Rights), Ethos Institute – Companies and Social Responsability and Instituto Akatu (Akatu Institute for Conscious Consumption). He was also involved with institutions like Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs, and is member of the Boards of the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio) and WWF Brazil.

Since 2008 Guilherme Leal has been dedicated to structuring his legacy through Instituto Arapyaú, an organization dedicated to education and sustainable development.

In the 2010 Brazilian general elections, Mr. Leal ran as Ms. Marina Silva’s (PV/Green Party) Vice President. They achieved nearly 20MM votes, representing approximately 20% of the Brazilian electorate.

Since 2012 he has been part of the B Team – a group of international business leaders committed on making business work better by shifting its focus from financial towards environmental, social and financial perspectives.

Haakon Lorentzen

Has a degree in Economics from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ), with graduate studies at the Harvard Business School. The president of Grupo Lorentzen, the founder of Aracruz Celulose (shares sold in 2008) and the current controlling shareholder of Aflopar, a reforestation project in northern Minas Gerais, and of Cia de Navegação Norsul, the largest private Brazilian maritime transportation company. Also a shareholder of Ideasnet, a company that targets investments in information technology enterprises. A vice-president with the WWF-Brazil Board, a volunteer at Endeavor Brazil and a member of the Global Advisory Board at Harvard Business School.

José Roberto Marinho

As a journalist, José Roberto Marinho started his career as a reporter at O Globo newspaper, where he coordinated the Politics editorial office. Next, he worked at Sistema Globo de Rádio, where he held different positions until being appointed General Director and also launched the first Brazilian radio network totally dedicated to newscasts. José Roberto developed several activities at institutions associated to sustainability and currently is the vice-president of Organizações Globo and the president of Fundação Roberto Marinho, which carries out projects in education, heritage preservation and ecology.

Juscelino Martins (Chairman)

With a degree in Economics from the Federal University of Uberlândia, Martins started his business career in 1981, at Grupo Martins, being appointed General Managing Director in 1990. Currently the organization's Vice-President and President of the Board at Tribanco. A advisor at the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ) and Instituto Ayrton Senna, among other social and environmental institutions. Is an IBAMA-licensed conservation breeder of wild animals, having specialized in tapirs and pacas. One of the founding partners of OPA! (Organization for Environmental Protection).

Paulo Bellotti

Bellotti holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Poli-USP, and Master’s degrees in Mathematics from Poli-USP and in Innovation Management and Public Policy from MIT.

Bellotti is a co-founder at Mov Investimentos. He was a partner at Pragma Patrimônio and founded Axial Gestão de Recursos. Previously, he held executive positions at Rabobank in Brazil and DuPont South America.

Pedro Luiz Barreiros Passos

Pedro Luiz Barreiros Passos is member of Natura’s Board of Directors and co-founder of the company. Since 2013, he chairs Totvs’Board of Directors.

He is graduated from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (USP) in Production Engineering, with specialization in Business Administration from Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV).

Passos dedicates himself to different entities and organizations. Since 2009 he is the President of the Industrial Development Studies Institute (IEDI), and in 2013 he has become President of SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation (SOS Atlantic Forest Foundation). He serves on the Boards of National Quality Foundation (FNQ) since 2003, Empreender Endeavor Institute since 2005, and Dom Cabral Foundation (FDC) since 2010.

Passos is also member of MEI (Business Mobilization through Innovation) created by National Industry Confederation (CNI).

Plínio Ribeiro

Plínio Ribeiro has a degree in Business Administration from INSPER and a Master's degree in Public Administration and Environment from Columbia University and the Earth Institute (USA). He participated in several conservation projects on the lower Rio Negro, through the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ), and was one of the producers of Jean Michel Cousteau's documentary "Return to the Amazon". Author of the blogs, amd

Sérgio Barroso

Has a degree in Economics from São Lucas University (São Paulo), and a Master's degree in International Economics from Boston University (USA), with graduate courses in Business Administration at Michigan University (USA), Columbia University (USA) and Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV-SP). Worked for Bunge for three years and for Cargill for 34 years, heading offices in Brazil, Switzerland, USA, Venezuela and South Korea. Was responsible for several projects and operations with the company, having been the first Brazilian to be appointed President of both Cargill and the Cargill Foundation. Retired in 2007. Was also President of the Brazilian Plant Oil Association (Abiove) and of the International Association of Seed Crushers (Iasc), advisor at the Brazilian Food Association (Abia) and currently Vice-President of the Board of Amcham, a member of the board of FIESP, of the advisory council of the Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry and of the Sife board.


Supporting our conservation projects:

  • Banco Santander
  • Cielo S.A.
  • CTG Brasil
  • EDP
  • Even Construtora e Incorporadora
  • Grupo Antilhas
  • IFF Essências e Fragrâncias
  • Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo S.A.
  • JDE Coffee
  • KPMG Auditores Independentes
  • Lojas Renner
  • Mov Investimentos
  • Nivea
  • Ollive Investimentos
  • Pragma Patrimônio
  • Renewables Choice
  • Sicredi
  • Sustainable Travel International
  • Suzano Papel e Celulose
  • TIM Brasil


Biofílica counts on prestigious partners and is involved with important collective collaboration throughout its journey toward the development of a solid market for environmental assets:

  • AMATA: partner in Itacoatiara REDD+ Project (pre-operational stage).
  • Residents Association of Resex - Rio Preto- Jacundá (ASMOREX): partnership in Jacundá REDD+ Project.
  • Casa da Floresta: Biodiversity Assessment.
  • Centro de Estudos Rioterra: local partner in Jacundá REDD+ Project.
  • Coalizão Brasil Clima, Florestas e Agricultura: multi stakeholder coalition for progress and synergy of conservation, sustainable use of forests, sustainable agriculture, mitigation and adaptation to climate change agendas.
  • Funbio: joint development of forest management models.
  • Jari Group: partner in the Jari REDD+ project.
  • Grupo Triângulo: partner in the Manoa REDD+ Project.
  • Hdom Consultoria Ambiental: assessments of forest carbon stock.
  • AgroÍcone: joint analysis of the legal reserve compensation market in Brazil.
  • Imaflora: joint development of the Carbon Project Development Guide and Environmental Services and auditor of Maisa and Jacundá REDD + Projects.
  • IMAZON: studies and identification of carbon stock and flow in Jari/Amapá REDD+ Project.
  • Instituto Peabiru: socioeconomic and environmental diagnostic for Maísa REDD+ Project.
  • IPÊ/Arvorar: conservation tools, management model and socioeconomic and environmental diagnostics for REDD+ Projects.
  • Maísa Farm: Partner in Maísa REDD+ Project.
  • Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados: legal contracts, legal analysis and promotion for environmental regulatory development.
  • MOV Investimentos: Impact investment fund, investor.
  • SA Advogados Associados: surveys and land feasibility analysis.
  • Santiago & Cintra Consultoria: partner in Auditsat, environmental monitoring company for rural properties and guarantees.
  • SCS Global Services e Sysflor: Jari/Amapá REDD+ Project auditors.
  • Brazilian Rural Society (SRB): co-participant on the development of environmental regulatory agenda.
  • Turim Gestora: Asset management firm, investor.